Lorraine B. Lawlor CAMS

Senior Vice President, Global Sanctions Governance Director, Wells Fargo Bank

Ms. Lawlor is the Global Sanctions Governance Director at Wells Fargo & Co. In this capacity, she helps to develop, administer and oversee the company’s Global Sanctions Compliance program. Working with the lines of business and the operational areas of the company, she helps to ensure that the company fully understands its sanctions risks and establishes and maintains adequate controls to mitigate those risks. 

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Ms. Lawlor was the Chief of Compliance Programs at the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.In that capacity, she played an integral role in the development, implementation and enforcement of U.S. economic sanctions. She was deeply involved in all enforcement actions taken by OFAC against regulated financial institutions over more than two decades. Ms. Lawlor participated in several multi-lateral meetings with foreign governments in an effort to coordinate sanctions efforts and was actively involved in the Financial Action Task Force, serving as OFAC’s primary coordinator for issues addressed by that body.

Prior to joining OFAC, she was a Revenue Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, auditing primarily corporate tax returns. During her tenure at IRS, she was active in the Revenue Agent training program and ran workshops on small business taxation for the Small Business Administration.