Marcy Forman CAMS, CGSS

Managing Director, Head of Global Investigations Unit AML Compliance, Citigroup

Ms. Forman is presently the Managing Director for the Global Investigations Unit (GIU), AML Compliance, for Citigroup. With over 30 years of Federal Law Enforcement experience, Ms. Forman brings a wealth of anti-money laundering and trade fraud expertise to this position. Under Ms. Forman’s leadership, the GIU initiates proactive, complex global investigations of high-risk clients. The enterprise-wide nature of the GIU’s investigations requires coordinated analyses of client activity in multiple jurisdictions and business sectors. The GIU has established regional offices around the globe in order to facilitate holistic reviews of clients of concern, make appropriate disposition recommendations, and provide feedback to internal stakeholders as appropriate to mitigate risk.

Prior to joining Citigroup, Ms. Forman served as the Independent Court Monitor for the Western Union and State of Arizona judicial settlement. In addition, Ms. Forman was a consultant in private practice specializing in business compliance in the fields of anti-money laundering, trade fraud, IPR and immigration.