Nancy J. Saur CAMS

Compliance Officer, Cayman Trust Company

Nancy Saur has over 35 years’ experience in financial services, with more than 20 years focused in the Caribbean and Latin American region. While living in the Cayman Islands for the past 17 years, Nancy has managed compliance for banks, trust companies, corporate service providers, insurance companies and securities brokers. She founded the Cayman Islands Compliance Association, and in 2004, she and her partners opened the first independent compliance consulting company in Cayman, where, in addition to consulting for institutions such as the above, Nancy consulted for a variety of other financial services businesses including credit unions, MSBs, law firms and insurance and real estate brokers. Currently, Nancy is the Compliance Officer for a Private Trust company. Nancy is a member of the ACAMS Advisory Board, a CAMS Prep Facilitator and has been on the various ACAMS Exam Writing Task Forces over the past 10 years.