Genevieve Gimbert

Principal Financial Crimes Unit, PwC

Genevieve is a Principal in PwC’s Financial Crimes Unit. She co-leads the Anti-Fraud practice, which includes more than 100 practitioners and brings together cross-functional fraud expertise in strategy, operations, forensics, and technology. Genevieve helps financial institutions optimize their anti-fraud programs while balancing enhanced customer experience. She has helped financial institutions conduct fraud risk assessments and identify catastrophic risks and vulnerabilities; enhance control frameworks and assess technology strategy and solutions; optimize fraud rules to reduce false positives and capture emerging fraud threats; and optimize staffing models and governance frameworks, among other activities. Recently, Genevieve led the assessment and future state design of a fraud program at a global bank. This entailed conducting over 80 interviews across over 30 functions to understand the operating model, fraud risks of certain businesses, and control gaps. This project also included an assessment of where a fraud group should reside within the organization; developing a fraud strategy; identifying capabilities required for fraud operations, investigations, analytics, and reporting; and developing a fraud alert/incident management playbook. She also led the review of fraud rules and optimization of these rules. Genevieve is a certified fraud examiner.