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SP1 - Advancements in the Adoption of Model Risk Practices in BSA/AML Compliance - Presented by SAS

‐ Sep 29, 2014 1:30pm

Since the FFIEC agencies began applying the OCC's Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management (OCC 2011-12) to Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering compliance practices during 2012, U.S. financial institutions have adopted more rigorous use of analytics, testing, and governance. This session will highlight best practices in Model Tuning & Optimization.

Topics covered will include:
  • Relationship between Risk Appetite and MRM practices
  • Discussion of how AML models have been integrated in broader enterprise MRM processes
  • Skills and processes required to support practices in-house
  • Lessons learned from regulatory reviews
  • Challenges and changes in the AML model tuning & management
  • Big data and visualization technologies to speed the process of tuning & optimization
  • Emerging practices for automating prioritization and triage of work items