David Thompson CAMS

Director, Business Development, Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC

Mr. Thompson has over 25 years of anti-money laundering international criminal investigations experience. He is a former manager from Deloitte’s Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Practice and also a retired Special Agent in Charge, former Deputy Director and member of the Senior Executive Service from DHS / ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). He has developed global programs to combat money laundering, fraud, human trafficking, counter-proliferation and OFAC investigations.

David also served as the Chief of the Money Laundering Coordination Center and ICE's Trade Transparency Unit, where he was responsible for developing international and domestic initiatives designed to combat vulnerabilities in America's financial and trade sectors that could be exploited by terrorist or other criminal organizations. In this capacity he developed a State Department funded advanced international anti-money laundering training program delivered to dozens of countries around the World. During this same time period David was the principal DHS official to the Treasury led U.S. Delegation to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) where he attended plenary sessions around the World and drafted select AML guidance incorporated into permanent FATF Publications.