Greg A. Ruppert CAMS

Executive Vice President, FINRA

Greg Ruppert is the Executive Vice President of the National Cause and Financial Crimes Detection Programs at the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA). Prior to FINRA, Greg was the Bank Secrecy Act Officer and Corporate Responsibility Officer for Charles Schwab Corporation. At Schwab, he also led the Financial Crimes Compliance Risk Management Group within the Corporate Risk Management, which encompassed the enterprise-wide Anti-Money Laundering, OFAC/Sanctions, Fraud Risk Management and Investigations, and Conduct programs of the Firm.

Prior to joining Schwab in 2014, Greg spent over 17 years with the FBI working complex financial crimes, securities fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing matters. Greg’s last position was as senior executive at FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. where he oversaw the Cyber Division’s efforts to combat the highest priority cyber threats emanating from Asia, Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa.

Greg is a member of the California Bar.