Gene Truono

Vice President, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Global Head, AML, PayPal

Mr. Truono has 25 years of experience in the AML and compliance area. Most recently, he was a director in the dispute and investigations practice of Navigant Consulting, Inc., where he advised major financial institutions. Prior to that, he was vice president of compliance and ethics, and chief compliance officer at American Express Bank International, where he successfully led very substantial and complex AML remediations driven by the Federal Reserve and other regulators.

Prior to that role, Gene served as vice president of compliance and ethics for JPMorgan Chase, where he was responsible for the development, oversight and management of the global treasury service department's regulatory compliance program, AML program, and supervision of all regulatory examinations. Mr Truono has also served as the head of compliance for Chase Card Services for Chase USA N.A., where he was responsible for overall compliance related to credit card, residential mortgage, student loan and auto loan portfolios.