Sande Bayer CAMS

Vice President, Payment Services, CRO, AML, US Bank

Sande is a Vice President with Payment Services Chief Risk Office at U.S. Bank. Her various roles during the past 25 years have cumulated into her current responsibilities of AML oversight of business change risk assessment for payment products including credit card, prepaid/stored value systems, corporate cards and merchant processing. Sande was instrumental in working with the financial crimes project team for the fifth pillar EDD requirements.

Sande is passionate about eradicating the crime of human trafficking and is an active volunteer with several local organizations. She also works with non-profits based in Thailand and frequently leads trips into red-light districts in partnership with those groups. Her actions have increased partnerships between multiple disciplines to face this crime. Adding to her volunteer service, are efforts working with the Super Bowl 52 Host Committee to provide training and awareness of trafficking to the volunteer base and community.

Sande is a founding member of the ACAMS Greater Twin Cities Chapter and has served as Communications, and Events before her current Co-Chair role. She has contributed articles multiple times to ACAMS Today and also has been a regular panel speaker at the annual ACAMS conference.