Kurt E. Gredzinski

Counter Threat Finance, Policy, Training, and Outreach Team Chief, HQ SOCOM

Kurt currently serves as the Policy Training and Outreach (PTO) Team Chief in the Operations Directorate, Transnational Threats Division. The PTO team engages the private sector, develops CTF’s inclusion into DoD doctrine and policy, as well as continues to expand CTF’s role in the mission of Special Operations Forces worldwide. Kurt has spoken about Counter Threat Finance to several groups in regional and national venues in the public and private sector as well as numerous banks around the country.

From 2008-2015 Kurt worked as the team lead for USSOCOM Ops Support team within the J36 which provided direct CTF operational support to interagency partners as well as Special Operations Forces worldwide. Multiple law enforcement agencies have recognized Kurt and his team for their significant contributions to federal investigations and treasury designations resulting in numerous arrests and the freezing and/or seizure of billions of Dollars.