Phillip Deluca

Senior Vice President, US Bank

Mr. DeLuca focuses on Compliance Controls within the Enterprise Financial Crimes Compliance group at US Bank Corp. Prior to joining US Bank Corp in October of 2015, he led the Compliance Solutions & Intelligence team at First Data. This team was responsible for identifying and mitigating emerging AML risks. Prior to joining First Data, he led the AML investigations department of a large global bank where he and his team pioneered the use of issue-based typology driven investigations. DeLuca has over 30 years of financial services investigations management experience and has conducted and managed numerous high profile/sensitive Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing Investigations. He has partnered with all levels of law enforcement to develop leading edge investigative strategies, and has been recognized by the highest levels of government for his leadership and expertise in leveraging an issue-based investigation approach to identify data characteristics which could be potentially indicative of human trafficking. In 2012 DeLuca was invited to present at the White House Forum to Combat Human Trafficking with a panel of colleagues from law enforcement and the technology industry. DeLuca is also a member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Financial Integrity Institute at Case Western Reserve University, and was recently appointed as adjunct professor of Law and practitioner in Financial Integrity. DeLuca regularly advises industry, government, and law enforcement agencies on typology development and data interrogation techniques to be more proactive and productive in detecting illicit financial activity.