P. Faisal_Islam

P. Faisal Islam CAMS

Owner/Director, PFI Fintech & Properties

Faisal advises fintech startups, early growth stage firms and large scale FI’s on developing and managing effective aml compliance, anti-fraud and supervision programs. As the Fintech 513 lead on compliance, he helps companies manage one of the most important aspects of operating as a payment facilitator. Though easy to ignore, the penalties of operating outside of compliance can, in some cases, destroy your business. Faisal brings an approachable process that allows companies to manage their compliance requirements.

He is a certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS). Previously, he has occupied executive positions at payment facilitators, remittance and virtual currency exchange companies. Banks that approved his clients have noted the programs he helped develop to be few of the very best they have come across and seek his guidance on applicants. Faisal is also the development partner of KnowYourCountry.com, a global AML country risk index and assessment guide.