Manuel A. Recio

Supervisory Special Agent, Staff Coordinator, Office of Financial Operations, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Upon graduating from the DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 1997, SA Recio was assigned to the DEA Phoenix Field Division. While in the Phoenix Field Division, SA Recio was assigned to the Southwest Border wire group.  SA Recio was an integral part of the DEA Phoenix Division’s Title III intercept program. 
In April 2003, SA Recio was re-assigned to the Miami Field Division.  SA Recio initiated undercover money laundering investigations targeting Colombian and Mexican Drug/Money Laundering Organizations.  These organizations utilized the U.S. based banking system to launder their illicit drug proceeds.  SA Recio investigated and arrested high level Colombian and Mexican drug traffickers involved in the Black Market Peso Exchange. 
In November 2007, SA Recio was promoted in the DEA Miami Field Division to a Group Supervisor.  In August 2008, GS Recio was transferred to the newly formed DEA Homestead Resident Office (RO), where he was promoted to the Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) position.  SA Recio supervised enforcement groups that targeted the financial infrastructure of drug trafficking organizations.  SA Recio oversaw financial investigations that were worldwide.  
In March 2014, SA Recio was reassigned to DEA Headquarters, Financial Operations Division, where he oversees DEA’s financial domestic and international investigations.    SA Recio is now a staff coordinator responsible for oversight of all sensitive DEA undercover money laundering investigations to include investigations in South America, Europe, Canada, Australia and Africa.  SA Recio provides the DEA field offices with guidance and oversight in money laundering investigations.