Vikas Agarwal

Principal, Financial Crime Technology, PwC

Vikas is a Managing Director in the New York office with more than 1o years of financial services, regulatory, and analytics experience. He currently serves as the Financial Services industry vertical leader within PwC’s Advanced Risk & Compliance Analytics group.

In his role, Vikas leads a team that works with Banking, Capital Markets, Asset Management and Insurance clients in implementing analytics and advanced technology solutions related to fraud, anti-money laundering, trade compliance, and regulatory reporting.

Prior to joining PwC, Vikas served as Global Head of Analytics, for the Legal and Audit departments for a large global investment bank. He was responsible for implementing analytics related to litigation issues as well as developing and implanting strategies to uplift the use of data for risk assessments, control testing, and continuous monitoring. Vikas also led Compliance Analytics at another large global accounting and professional services firm and advised a large number of banks in the build-out of surveillance programs and financial intelligence unit (FIU) development.

Vikas has successfully managed projects at global institutions to develop and deploy Cash Letter AML Monitoring systems and programs.

Specific to FIU development, Vikas has assisted two major banks in consolidating fraud, AML, and risk data to create synergies in data extraction, surveillance, and case management. He has led the development of consolidated departments from a people, process, and technology perspective and has developed customized approaches to solve common challenges with data.

Vikas hold is B.S in Finance from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He is a Certified Regulatory Professional as awarded by the Wharton School of Business, FINRA institute. He recently received his M.B.A. from Columbia University.