Adam Kaufmann

Partner, Lewis Baach

Mr. Kaufmann is a former Executive Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Investigation Division at the New York County District Attorney’s Office. As Chief of the Investigation Division, Mr. Kaufmann supervised all investigations and prosecutions of major white collar-crime, public corruption, cybercrime, organized crime, money laundering, and terrorism cases for the DA’s Office.  Mr. Kaufmann commenced and supervised the investigations into international sanctions evasion that resulted in forfeitures totaling over two billion dollars.  He also supervised investigations that led to the indictment of a Chinese National for sending weapons material to Iran, and the indictment of the Iranian state shipping company for sanctions violations.  Mr. Kaufmann supervised the first two prosecutions for terrorism conspiracies under New York State’s Terrorism law, both involving local “lone wolf” defendants, and conducted investigations that resulted in the indictment of foreign corrupt politicians who have laundered their ill-gotten gains through banks in Manhattan.  Mr. Kaufmann has testified twice before the United States Congress on sanctions enforcement, financial crime, and the use of shell companies.