Matthew _McLaughlin

Matthew McLaughlin

Director Global Investigations, AFEX

Director McLaughlin retired from the FBI in 2014. During his career, he demonstrated creativity in his approach to investigations. In 1987, he was the case agent of Operation Hot Wheels, which targeted the three most significant and sophisticated auto theft rings in Los Angeles. After the 11 month undercover operation, the 22 arrests resulted in a 50% reduction in the theft rate of the targeted vehicles. He also worked Financial Institution Fraud investigations, along with homicide, kidnap and murder-for-hire cases. As a supervisor, he developed undercover money laundering strategies and disrupted organized crime groups engaged in Health Care Fraud of more than $500 million annually. After retiring from law enforcement, Director McLaughlin became a Vice President with JP Morgan Chase, and managed the Electronic Crime team for the Western US. Director McLaughlin then took his present position, as the head of Global Investigations at AFEX, a foreign currency exchange money services business which specializes in Global Payment and Risk Management Solutions.