Shawn Tiller

Director of Refund Crimes, IRS-Criminal Investigations

Mr. Tiller is responsible for guiding the activities of Refund Crimes headquarters staff and employees in eight Scheme Development Centers located across the United States. Refund Crimes’ mission is to develop and support criminal and civil investigations and is responsible for reviewing questionable tax returns to detect refund fraud, refund schemes, identity theft and return preparer fraud. As the name implies, Scheme Development Center analysts employ electronic and human data analytic techniques to conduct pre-refund reviews of questionable returns to expose refund fraud schemes. Detected schemes are referred to Criminal Investigation field office special agents for criminal investigation.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world. It is often at the core of fraudulent refund claims. Refund Crimes is responsible for coordinating efforts with internal and external stakeholders to investigate and resolve these tax-related refund fraud activities. Criminal Investigation must investigate and assist in the prosecution of those significant financial criminalities that generate the maximum deterrent effect, enhance voluntary compliance, and promote public confidence in the tax system.

Director Tiller began his federal law enforcement career with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. During his tour with their Los Angeles Division he conducted mail theft, identity theft and robbery investigations and helped create the Los Angeles Identity Theft and Economic Crimes Task Force (ITEC) targeting international financial organized crime. He received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Los Angeles Federal Bar Association for his role in the resolution of several letter carrier robberies.

Director Tiller then served as Assistant Inspector in Charge at the Postal Inspection Service Los Angeles Division and Phoenix Field Office. He was later promoted to Inspector in Charge of the Denver Division, where he oversaw the work of Inspectors and staff domiciled in 10 states. Prior to transitioning to the IRS, he served as Deputy Chief Inspector, Headquarters, for the Postal Inspection Service.