John Bandler CAMS

Founder, Bandler Law Firm & Bandler Group

John Bandler runs legal and consulting practices focused on helping corporations and individuals with their cybersecurity and with preventing and investigating cybercrime, money laundering, and other criminal activity. Prior to joining the private sector John served in government for twenty years as a prosecutor, police officer, and military officer. John was an Assistant District Attorney at the New York County District Attorney’s Office from 2002 to 2015, where he investigated and prosecuted global trafficking of stolen data and digital currency money laundering among other offenses. Prior to that, he served as a State Trooper in the New York State Police for eight years, attended law school at night, and also served as a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve. He writes, speaks, and teaches about cybercrime, cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, and law, and is the author of the new book titled “Cybersecurity for the Home and Office.” He holds certifications including CAMS, and helped develop two ACAMS certificate courses.