Eduardo Solorzano

NAM Regional Director, Citigroup

Mr. Solorzano, joined Citi in April 2011 and is currently the North America Head of Citigroups Global Investigations Unit (GIU). The GIU performs holistic AML investigations of clients whose activities or organizational structure raise a high degree of AML concerns.

Before Citi, he served as a Founder and Director of BIntelligence S.A. de C.V., providing AML consultancy and advisory services. He was also Corporate Compliance Manager, for DolEx Dollar Express Inc. (in Arlington, Texas) and DolEx Envios S.A. de C.V., an affiliated company located in Mexico City. He began his AML professional career in Mexico City as Normative AML Compliance Manager for Grupo Financiero Inbursa. During this time with Inbursa he represented 3 Mexican Financial industries (Insurance, Bonds and Retirement/Pension Funds) in the FATF - GAFI evaluation to Mexico.He is CAMS certified since 2004.