Carrie Hagerman

Relationships and Guidance Manager, FINTRAC

Carrie Hagerman began working for FINTRAC in 2000 when she joined a small transition team that became Canada’s Financial Intelligence Unit. Her first role was to design the analytical methodology for developing money laundering cases based on transactional information. After several years within financial intelligence she created a Financial Intelligence Training Program for FINTRAC which now delivers training on a domestic and international level. Carrie has written and delivered courses on Intelligence Analysis, Financial Intelligence and Internet Techniques. In June 2015 she was asked to work within the compliance relationships side of FINTRAC where she led a project to re-develop FINTRAC guidance and work more with those entities that report to FINTRAC.
Prior to FINTRAC she worked for the RCMP as a strategic intelligence analyst analyzing drug trafficking and technological crime trends. She has also worked as a strategic intelligence analysts for Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO). Carrie Hagerman graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Economics.