Marcy Balle CAMS

Senior Vice President, Financial Intelligence Unit Manager, MB Financial Bank

Marcy began her banking career in Internal Audit almost 30 years ago. She began to solely focus on AML in 2003 while at LaSalle Bank, N.A., a Midwestern bank serving retail, middle market, commercial, wealth management and trust customers. She continued to build the AML investigation team in Chicago after it was acquired by Bank of America in 2007 and stayed with the organization until 2008. Her primary tasks at LaSalle were managing the suspicious activity monitoring process and related government reporting. Those responsibilities included developing, maintaining, and enhancing the suspicious activity investigation procedures, implementing a new automated transaction monitoring system, and assisting with risk assessments, while also conducting targeted training. Marcy moved to The Northern Trust Company in 2008 and built its Global Economic Sanctions team.

In April 2014, Marcy joined MB Financial Bank, N.A., a retail and middle-market commercial bank in Chicago as the Financial Intelligence Manager. She manages both the AML and Fraud investigative teams and was tasked with enhancing the Bank's AML and fraud investigation process and SAR creation. She also conducts targeted training and recently added OFAC responsibilities to her daily work. Marcy actively analyzes monitoring rules for both AML and fraud, is responsible for coordinating and conducting employee investigations with Internal Audit and has the primary responsibility for preparing and filing any employee SARs.