ACAMS 22nd Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference - Hollywood

Apr 3, 2017 ‐ Apr 5, 2017

To navigate compliance’s unprecedented challenges, AML professionals have three clear strategies: innovate, integrate, motivate. That’s why the ACAMS 22nd Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference is a can’t-miss event. Held April 3-5 in Hollywood, Fla., attendees will gain invaluable insights into tech innovations transforming AML – and practical strategies for using them. Experts will demonstrate how to integrate oversight functions across business lines to strengthen defenses against cybercrime, sanctions violations and other threats. And AML veterans will provide guidance on motivating everyone from senior management to front-line workers to create a cohesive culture of compliance. It’s all about the future of AML – in Hollywood, Fla., April 3-5.

This year’s conference qualifies for up to 23 CAMS and CPE credits, plus 25 CLE credits. Learn more

Standard: $595.00


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Welcome Remarks

Apr 3, 2017 8:30am ‐ Apr 3, 2017 8:45am

Identification: PS1


Regulatory Roundtable: Reviewing and Previewing the Latest 2017 Compliance Trends

Apr 3, 2017 8:45am ‐ Apr 3, 2017 10:35am

Identification: PS2

  • Scrutinizing recent US and some global compliance efforts including rule changes that impact AML coverage
  • Analyzing recent AML enforcement actions and areas of examination deficiencies
  • Evaluating “best practices” on fighting financial crime, money laundering and related issues

  • Lisa D. Arquette, CAMS, Associate Director, Division of Risk Management Supervision, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Spencer W. Doak, NBE, Director for BSA/AML Policy, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • John J. Byrne, CAMS, Esq., Vice Chairman, AML Rightsource
  • Lourdes Gonzalez , Assistant Chief Counsel – Sales Practices, Division of Trading and Markets, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Sarah Green, Global Head of Financial Crimes, The Vanguard Group
  • Jeremy Kuester, Deputy Associate Director, Policy Division, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN)
  • Rick A. Small, CAMS, Executive Vice President, Director Financial Crimes Program,, Truist
  • Suzanne Williams, Deputy Associate Director, Federal Reserve Board

Financial Inclusion and "De-Risking": Navigating the Global Challenges

Apr 3, 2017 11:05am ‐ Apr 3, 2017 12:15pm

Identification: PS3

  • Clarifying current regulatory guidance on risk to adjust AML models as warranted
  • Using mobile banking and products targeting unbanked populations to aid inclusion
  • Creating new risk assessment protocols to balance inclusion with effective risk management


Hot Topics in AML and Financial Crime

Apr 3, 2017 1:30pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 2:45pm

Identification: CS1

This panel, led by a select team of experts, is driven by input from attendees, who request insights and answers on specific issues involving compliance, AML and financial crime. Whether the issue is coping with changing rules, global regulatory trends or advice on mastering the examination process, this open forum and interactive session tackles the topics submitted by the audience two weeks before the conference kickoff. It’s a frank discussion with practical benefits for all constituencies in the AML ecosystem.

  • Michael Sachs, Executive Assistant District Attorney, Chief of the Investigation Division, New York County District Attorney's Office
  • Kieran Beer, CAMS, Chief Analyst, Director of Editorial Content, ACAMS
  • David Szuchman, Vice President, Head of Global Financial Crime Compliance, Paypal
  • Rick A. Small, CAMS, Executive Vice President, Director Financial Crimes Program,, Truist

The Algorithm is Your Friend: Creating and Using Them to Strengthen AML

Apr 3, 2017 1:30pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 2:45pm

Identification: ET1

  • Detailing how algorithms work to illustrate how to incorporate them into existing AML infrastructure
  • Crafting individual algorithms to monitor for transactions and clients posing potential AML risks
  • Analyzing algorithmic data to identify emerging typologies and adjust AML models as needed

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):

The Practical Impact of the FATF Mutual Evaluation on the US AML Professional

Apr 3, 2017 1:30pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 2:45pm

Identification: GC1

  • Assessing MER findings to identify most urgent US money laundering risks and likely regulatory/policy responses
  • Analyzing MER’s potential impact on AML programs and compliance professionals
  • Informing senior management of MER recommendations to develop institutional response plans

  • Rick McDonell, Former Executive Secretary, Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Executive Director, ACAMS
  • Nicolas Burbidge, F.C.I.S., President and Owner, Nicolas Burbidge AML Consulting Corporation
  • William J. Fox, Global Financial Crimes Compliance Executive, Bank of America
  • Sarah Runge, Global Head, FCC Regulatory Strategy, Credit Suisse

Assembling the Team: Recruiting and Retaining Top AML Talent

Apr 3, 2017 1:30pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 2:45pm

Identification: PD1

  • Documenting essential compliance functions to secure adequate resources from management
  • Supporting staff professional development to aid retention and strengthen AML expertise
  • Providing ongoing training to ensure continuing AML team proficiency in areas such as tech, law and investigations

  • David A. Clark, CAMS, Global Head, Surveillance & Professional Excellence, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Karim A. Rajwani, CAMS, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Scotiabank
  • William Badinelli, CAMS, Managing Director, Internal Audit, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Marilú Jiménez, Esq., CAMS, Founder and President, Financial Intelligence Network & Compliance Advisors (FINCAdvisors)

What Faster Payments Means for AML Compliance - Presented by Accuity

Apr 3, 2017 1:30pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 2:45pm

Identification: S&E1

  • Understanding the shifting market dynamics driving the need for faster payments
  • Recognizing the challenges for AML compliance teams in responding to dispositioning within a real time settlement framework
  • Providing approaches to managing compliance and sanction screening processes while managing AML risks


Revolutionizing Financial Crime Compliance - Using Innovative Approaches to Evolve and Enhance Your Program - Presented by EY

Apr 3, 2017 1:30pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 2:45pm

Identification: S&E2

  • Embarking on an AML program journey to address time and cost drivers with advanced technology and human intelligence
  • Addressing AML process efficiency with robotics, analytics and machine learning to operationalize BAU monitoring, investigations and KYC activities
  • Exploring the right situation for managed service opportunities


Detailing Best AML Practices to Combat Human Trafficking

Apr 3, 2017 3:05pm ‐ Apr 3, 2017 4:20pm

Identification: CS2

  • Implementing monitoring techniques to detect common trafficking red flags such as funnel accounts and transfers to at-risk jurisdictions
  • Establishing relationships with NGOs and law enforcement to gain insights into human trafficking/smuggling trends most relevant to specific institutions and markets
  • Outlining investigation and data collection practices to effectively support trafficking/smuggling-related SAR filings

  • Greg Fields, CAMS, Content Analyst, ACAMS
  • Frederick Reynolds, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Crime, Employment and Competition Legal, Barclays
  • Bassem Banafa, CPA, CAMS , Financial Forensics Consultant ,
  • Keith Kolovich, Supervisory Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations, NY
  • Stevenson Munro, CAMS, Global Head, Sanctions Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank