ACAMS 17th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference - Las Vegas

Oct 3, 2018 ‐ Oct 5, 2018

AML is an ever-changing profession with rapidly evolving regulations, technology and financial crime methods such as cyberattacks. Nobody can say for certain what will happen in the years to come, but we can be sure that there will be changes. This fall, join over 2,000 influential anti-financial crime professionals, regulators, law enforcement investigators and government officials for expert analysis of the changing compliance landscape—and practical strategies for mastering the complexities of this demanding new era. Will you ace the new AML? Learn how in Las Vegas at ACAMS’ 17th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference.

Standard: $595.00


How Mid-sized Institutions Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve BSA/AML Efficiency

Oct 3, 2018 11:30am ‐ Oct 3, 2018 12:45pm

Identification: WED11

Presented by Verafin
• How AI can improve your team’s investigative efficiency through the analysis of open source data to create accurate and enriched alerts - greatly reducing effort wasted on manual investigation.
• About the power of big data and cloud-based analysis – and why they are fundamental to the successful application of AI in uncovering and preventing financial crime.
• How your team can effectively leverage cross-institutional collaboration and information sharing to access the bigger picture of activity occurring outside of a single institution and more effectively detect potentially suspicious activity.


The CDD Final Rule: What We’ve Learned So Far

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED14

• Identifying common templates for establishing and verifying beneficial ownership to ensure implementation design mitigates non-compliance risks
• Outlining practical methods to address unique Final Rule challenges such as specialized staff training and managing triggering events
• Analyzing best practices for documenting CDD Final Rule compliance in preparation for examination-related issues

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):
  • Elena Hughes, CAMS, Executive Director, Deputy Head of AML - Institutional Securities Group , Morgan Stanley
  • Michelle J. Neufeld, AML Expert, Executive Vice President, Control Leader FIG and international, Wells Fargo
  • Frederick Reynolds, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Crime, Employment and Competition Legal, Barclays
  • Rebecca S. Robertson, CAMS-Audit, CFE, Executive Vice President, Director of AML Compliance, South State Bank

Crafting Compliance Models to Mitigate Unique Cryptocurrency AML Risks

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED15

• Detailing unique AML challenges such as CIP/KYC of crypto ecosystem including bitcoin miners and other actors to create effective risk management and audit policies
• Reviewing cryptocurrencies’ role in ransomware, terrorist financing and other criminal cases to identify common red flags indicating potential illicit activities
• Training staff to achieve expertise in cryptocurrency and conducting ongoing instruction to maintain robust oversight as digital markets regulatory landscapes evolve

  • Robert L. Curry, CAMS, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, KeyBank
  • Stuart Hoegner, General Counsel, Bitfinex
  • Joseph Mari, CAMS, Director, External Partnerships, Global Risk Management, Scotiabank
  • Erin K. O'loughlin, CAMS, Senior Manager of FIU/Cyber Intelligence Unit, Western Union
  • Chris Siddons, CAMS, Senior Director, Regulatory Risk and Compliance Solutions , LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Sovereign Cryptocurrencies: Assessing Trends and AML Implications

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED16

• Reviewing developments in sovereign cryptocurrencies such as the Marshall Islands’ SOV to chart trends in growing convergence of digital and fiat currencies

• Assessing risks such as potential sanctions violations, enabling of corruption and tax evasion posed by sovereign cryptocurrencies such as Venezuela’s petro

• Charting emerging trends in sovereign cryptocurrency issues such as Russia’s cryptoRuble and Estonia’s estcoin to anticipate potential challenges for AML oversight

  • John Roth, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, Bittrex

Mitigating TBML Risks with Strengthened Oversight Systems

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED17

• Creating institutional and client risk assessments based on factors such as geographic locations, beneficial ownership, nature of business and transaction patterns
• Training staff on typologies such as invoice manipulation, buyer/seller collusion and document fraud to enhance transaction screening and flag potential TBML activities
• Utilizing tools such as text and web analytics to attain operational efficiencies, standardize TBML oversight across enterprise and mitigate manual review error risks

  • Marcy Forman, CAMS, CGSS, Managing Director, Head of Global Investigations Unit AML Compliance, Citigroup

Correspondent Banking: Potential Risks, Potential Rewards

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED18

• Conducting a risk assessment to identify and analyze correspondent banking risks such as nested accounts to determine compatibility with institutional risk appetite, tolerances and existing AML infrastructure
• Formalizing business plans and policies for issues including high-risk entity and suspicious activity monitoring to mitigate risks linked to cross-border transactions, KYCC, PEP exposure and beneficial ownership
• Conducting due diligence on respondent banks to properly rate risks related to subjects such as business profile, AML proficiency, leading product lines and transparency and understand the nature and purpose of the transactions

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):
  • Sarah B. Felix, CAMS, Founder and President, Palmera Consulting
  • Lisa Grigg, CAMS, Chief Enterprise Financial Crimes Compliance Executive, US Bank
  • Edward Silva, CAMS, Vice President, Head of Financial Crimes Unit, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Evan Weitz, Managing Director, Head of Controls, Europe and Americas, Financial Crime Compliance, , Standard Chartered Bank

Safe Bets: How the Supreme Court’s Sports Gambling Decision Affects AML Nationwide

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED19

• Understanding sports gambling products and business models to gain insights into unique compliance issues such as CDD, KYC and onboarding
• Reviewing the legal Las Vegas sports betting industry to gain insights into role of state regulations and effective institutional policies on oversight of sports books
• Analyzing recent post-PASPA developments to assess trends such as regulatory differences among states and growth in online betting and in-game wagering

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):

Effectively Managing a Compliance Program in a Consent Order Environment

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED20

Presented by PwC
• Industry and PwC professionals will provide insights into leading strategies that can help you effectively respond to regulatory actions while managing your overall compliance programs with minimal disruption
• Learn to deal with extensive remedial actions in anti-money laundering (AML)-related enforcement cases
• Cope with the disruption of remedial activities required in enforcement actions under challenging timelines, while continuing business as usual operations

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):
  • David B. Chenkin, Esq., CAMS, Managing Partner, Zeichner Ellman & Krause
  • Michael Greenman, Senior Vice President, Chief Counsel, AML and Economic Sanctions Law, U.S. Bank
  • Erik Obermeier, CAMS, Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Crimes Compliance Advisory, Texas Capital Bank
  • Richard Weber, Managing Director, Americas Head of Financial Crime, UBS

Follow the Money: Track, Manage & Protect Your Business

Oct 3, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 3:15pm

Identification: WED21

Presented by SWIFT

Learn how financial institutions are implementing controls to facilitate easier tracking and management of payment transactions. Panelists will discuss the implementation of security controls to help better protect your infrastructure, and share the latest developments in the detection and prevention of payment fraud.

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):
  • Chris Johnson, Senior Manager Financial Crime Compliance, SWIFT
  • Mia Lee, Compliance & BSA Officer, Woori Bank
  • Amy Boawn, Threat Program Design and Implementation Manager and Fraud Fusion Subject Matter Expert, Cyber Defense Team, Booz Allen Hamilton

Elder Financial Abuse: Building Effective Detection and Protection Programs

Oct 3, 2018 3:45pm ‐ Oct 3, 2018 5:00pm

Identification: WED24

• Training front-line staff on red flags for elder abuse such as anomalous spending patterns and building awareness of need to contact BSA officer of suspicious activities
• Creating protocols for responding to account changes of elderly clients such as addition of authorized signers or co-owners, unexplained asset transfers or cash-out mortgage activity
• Assembling evidence of elder exploitation, filing SARs as merited and maintaining ongoing communication with law enforcement to detect and apprehend perpetrators

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):
  • Darrin McLaughlin, CAMS, AML Advisory Lead, Financial Intelligence Unit and Fraud, Capital One
  • Jack Oskvarek, CAMS, CAFP, AMLP, Senior Vice President, BSA Executive Director, Wintrust Financial Corporation
  • Elizabeth L. Slim, CAMS, First Vice President, Regulatory Trainer, Commonwealth Business Bank
  • Scott Willis, Deputy Chief BSA/AML Officer, Raymond James Financial Inc.